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  1. A bit heavy for my wife.

  2. The piece is unique and lovely. However, I can’t figure out how it can be worn. How do the pieces attach? In the picture looks like two strains are connected. What holds them? Please respond. It’s a Xmas gift.

  3. I loved the necklace only thing is, the magnet needs to be a little more stronger. It’s comes disconnected too easily. Picture isn’t the greatest, I was in the Wakanda Forever movie. I will be wearing it on my trip to Mauritius in March along with my other items purchased from you. Keep up the good work

    Image #1 from Ruby
  4. Unable to fit it properly without alteration.

  5. The item itself is beautiful, but the packaging was poor. I ordered several sets of earrings and they arrived in one tiny box, all pushed against each other, which caused one earring to get bent, and stiches came off. So, I cannot wear that pair until it gets repaired. Considering the price of these earrings made of fabric, I was hoping for a better delivery.

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