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Black / woman owned business

Founded by Ellana Turner in 2014 and inspired by her love for art, color and unique prints. Cloth & Cord was born as a way to express and embrace individuality through fashion. Read More

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I Love It!! I attended a birthday party over the weekend and my necklace was a big hit. Several thought it was a part of my shirt until I moved and then they wanted to know where I got it.

Gerard M. / (verified owner)

So…I purchase 5 of these beauties (1 large and 4 small). They are amazingly beautiful. Since I have 2 black, 1 red, 1 orange and a large gold…I am all set. Wear them together or in a pair or allow one to take its own space.

Romesha E. / (verified owner)

I was really Excited when I received my Necklace ! It is amazing !! Will surely be ordering more pieces !! Thanks

Anita G. / (verified owner)

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