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launch htx

    Houston will become the city known for unique fashion and new trends. You’re probably familiar with some of these brands like Prada, Chanel, or Burberry, but how well do you know the designers who bring quality over quantity? There is a new movement stirring up that gives local designers a platform to reach a larger audience.

Owner of E. Turner Couture – Ellana Turner @ the Launch HTX Boutique

  We’re excited to be apart of this movement to debut our jewelry in LAUNCH HTX the month of June 2017! LAUNCH HTX is a pop-up boutique located in downtown Houston and features only the most creative local designers and artisans in the area. Their mission is to showcase diverse cultures and talents, in a one stop shop, that contribute to one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the nation. The pop-up boutique features a variety of items monthly that include accessories, candles, journals, jewelry, and more. We are truly honored to be chosen to be apart of this opportunity.

    Of course, with every opportunity, there is also a learning experience as well! We immediately realized the importance of fashion merchandising when it comes to staging our wearable art. As an online retailer, we hardly get a chance to stage our accessories in creative ways. Sydney Dao, fashion merchandiser at LAUNCH HTX, offered us some helpful advice on how to display our jewelry, by using uncommon props to harmonize with our eye catching accessories. We happily embraced her knowledge of merchandising and applied it to our display area in the boutique.

If you plan to do any of your shopping in Avendia Houston, you can visit our setup now through August at LAUNCH HTX, which is located at 701 Avenida De Las Americas in the downtown Houston area. The boutique will be open Monday through Friday until 10AM-6PM, so feel free to visit us soon.

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