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valentines necklace

As a single woman I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day (for obvious reasons), but that will not stop me from going out with my friends. Next month, I plan to dress up in my favorite color (bubble gum pink) and flaunt beautiful pieces of art from E. Turner Couture! I bought my pink chiffon dress from Dillard’s (department store), with the intent to wear it to church or a small occasion after work. I love the style of this dress, because the chiffon sleeves really stand out and give it flair. Otherwise, without the detailed sleeves, the dress is a simple A-line style that would be too “plain jane” for my personal taste.

I paired this dress with the vibrant neon pink beaded Ankara bib necklace, and “Be Mine” – Pink and Blue Ankara Bangle Set (also shown below) to complete the look. It didn’t take me long to notice that these accessories quickly enhanced the style of the dress; when I did a side by side comparison (with and without the accessories).

Here’s a quick style tip: Personally I think, colorful patterned accessories are best paired with solid colored garments, because it offers balance and it’s easy on the eyes. This tip is also guaranteed to work for any other special occasion other than Valentine’s day/SAD (Single Awareness Day).

Whether you’re a single or a married woman, we all have something in common; our ability to love! We usually perceive Valentine’s Day as a couple’s holiday, but we shouldn’t limit ourselves to only that. We should be able to show love to not only our beloved (if applicable), but our family members, friends, and even strangers who we may encounter. Every day is what you make of it and you should always rejoice and be glad in it!

Vibrant Neon Pink Beaded Ankara Bib Necklace
“Be Mine” – Pink and Blue Ankara Bangle Set





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